Wildfire Defense Systems

Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS) is a national leader in insurer wildfire services, combining professional wildfire consulting with federally-certified emergency response wildfire suppression services. Founded in 2001 for U.S. Forest Service initial attack, suppression and mop-up services, the company added professional services support in 2005, and in 2008 initiated its insurer services programs for comprehensive wildfire loss prevention.

WDS covers a 20-state service region with highly experienced personnel, a fleet of wildland engines, and an inventory of wildfire suppression and structure protection equipment and materials. Our mix of professional management and field operation expertise allows us to perform projects and assignments from design to implementation of comprehensive insurer wildfire programs including property risk analysis and reporting to wildfire suppression and structure protection. The WDS client list includes state and federal agencies, regional corporations, and Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

 Engine Specifications

WDS provides Type VI, Type IV and Type III wildland engines from our existing fleet as well as a network of established and qualified engine companies operating under WDS supervision. All wildland engines are outfitted and inspected per Federal Best Value Contract standards (per USFS Region 1 Water Handling AG-043-S-07-9002).

Wildfire Field Personnel

WDS Wildfire personnel hold a wide range of federal wildfire training certificates that represent hundreds to thousands of hours of training with our supervisors holding titles in part or all of the following Incident Command System positions:

  • Incident Commander Type 2 & Type 3
  • Safety Officer
  • Division Group Supervisor
  • Task Force Leader
  • Strike Team Leader
  • Engine Boss
  • Felling Boss
  • Class C and B Sawyer/Faller
  • Firing Boss
  • Squad Boss
  • Crew Boss (20 person)

Key Personnel Experience

WDS represents a unique mix of technical professionals, management professionals, wildfire officers and wildfire field staff. The following key personnel represent the most qualified individuals who are supported by another 60+ WDS personnel, including mid-level managers, field wildfire officers, operations center/GIS specialists, IT and security specialists, call center technicians, editors and technical writers, firefighters, and WDS subcontractors. This combination of professional services and wildfire operations continues to be unique and has taken the company from four wildland engines to where it is today with insurer services operations in 20 states in the west with a combined engine capacity of 82 wildland engines.

President: The President and majority owner of Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS) is a licensed, professional civil engineer with 24 years of experience in private sector civil/environmental engineering, wildfire and hazardous materials emergency services management, and large-scale project and program management. His civil/environmental engineering firm purchased a wildfire contractor business in 2005, leading to Wildfire Defense Systems.

Vice President of Operations: With WDS since 2009, the WDS Vice President has 20 years of domestic and international experience in small business and corporate operations, finance, marketing and public relations. The VP of Operations has managed multi-million dollar projects and is an accomplished business operations professional.

Lead Duty Officer (IC Type II), Wildfire Response Operations: WDS’s highest qualified fire officer is a Type II Incident Commander and is responsible for the oversight of all of WDS’s wildfire response operations including the WDS Incident Command Team, fire officers, and response operations. Recently retired from the USFS as a District Ranger, he is a current federal team Type II Wildfire Incident Commander with over 34 years of experience in natural resource stewardship, fire management, and public relations.

Comptroller: The WDS Comptroller is a qualified accountant with 19 years of business management, city government experience and is responsible for company financials and the accounting department.

Program Managers & Program Coordinators: Experienced managers in engineering, architecture, sciences, customer services and field services disciplines with extensive private-sector project management work histories, these managers are responsible for insurer wildfire program design and implementation to comply with contract specifications, service level objectives and cost control.

Incident Commanders / Duty Officers: WDS duty officers include Type II and Type III incident commanders who rotate through a WDS duty officer schedule and, when off duty, also serve as incident commanders on current federal wildfire incident command teams. Thus, WDS response operations has arguably the most highly-qualified grouping of wildfire officers of any service provider. These officers direct the WDS Response Network Operations Center and all field resources during wildfire incidents as well as provide hazard condition recommendations on WDS commercial and residential wildfire hazard assessment reports.

Regional Fire Officers: WDS emergency response field operations are supported by regional fire officers, whose qualifications include incident commander (Type III and Type VI levels), division group supervisor, structure protection specialist, task force leader and strike team leader. These regional fire officers ensure safety and field operations that follow the pre-suppression mission defined under insurer wildfire programs.

Strike Team/Task Force Leaders & Engine Bosses: Single-engine and multiple-engine operations are supervised by these designated incident command classification wildfire officers. Engine crews are staffed with certified FFT1 and FFT2 personnel.


  • For more information on programs or services contact WDS Corporate Office at 406.586.5400 x8137
  • For fire response related inquiries during a wildfire contact our  operations center at 877.323.4730 x1

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