Nationwide® Private Client

Wildfire Defense Systems, Inc. (WDS) works with Nationwide® Private Client (Private Client) to offer its Wildfire Solutions Program.

Private Client’s active Homeowners policyholders within the *Program Region are now enrolled in the Private Client Wildfire Solutions program. This service is not offered to policyholders with condominiums or renter policies.

Enrolled Private Client policyholders may now have access to several services offered by WDS and may include: wildfire education, loss mitigation consultation, wildfire monitoring, and, when available, wildfire response services by professionally trained wildland firefighters.

Key Services

When directed by Private Client, WDS staff can meet with policyholders and agents to develop and implement wildfire defensibility strategies to prepare a home for the threat of wildfire. By raising awareness and promoting fire safety, the wildfire threat can be reduced.

The WDS Operations Center monitors wildfires throughout the Program Region and can provide Private Client with up-to-the- minute information about wildfires approaching policyholders’ homes (AZ, CA, CO, OR, TX, WA). In the event that a wildfire threatens a policyholder’s property, WDS may provide response resources, if available, to take necessary pre-suppression actions to help protect Private Client policyholder properties. This is not a first responder service; rather, work will be performed in support of local, state and federal responders. Pre-suppression defensive measures may include emergency fuel mitigation, zone sprinkler system setup, fuel break preparation and fire blocking gel application.

All reasonable efforts will be made by Private Client and its representatives to provide these services. There may be instances when Private Client will not be able to provide these services. There is no guarantee that these services will prevent damage.

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