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Wildfire risk management services for utility companies

WDS Utility Wildfire Risk Management is a full-service program designed to meet fire prevention requirements of private industry with a focus on utility operations in areas with high wildfire potential.

Highly qualified professionals, safety, and unique wildfire products and services provide all essential wildfire management requirements. The uniqueness, scale and capability of WDS wildfire programs are un-paralleled by any other service provider in the nation.

Our programs are designed around:

  • Understanding the project,

  • Designing turn-key, safe programs,

  • Any project’s specific needs,

  • Reducing wildfire liability and claims.

Turn-key Utility Wildfire Risk Management Programs

    Turn-key Utility Wildfire Risk Management Programs
  • Wildfire program specifications/plan development
  • Site fire plan compliance documentation and reporting
  • Wildfire education, training and certification services
  • Project site fire marshal and fire patrol services
  • NWCG qualified staff and engines
  • Multi-agency interface
  • Wildfire response for asset protection
  • Minimize project downtime


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