Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS) is the leader in insurer wildfire loss prevention. With more than a decade of experience serving insurance clients small and large, WDS brings a multitude of solutions to support your risk management needs before, during, and after wildfires. WDS services have been honed by decades of wildland firefighting experience and wildfire science, as well as using a variety of technological advancements designed to make risk assessment, mitigation, and policy decisions efficient and effective.

Key WDSresponse Program Elements

Pre-Suppression Services

Focusing on reducing threat before an active wildfire reaches a property, WDS wildland engines engage in a multitude of pre-suppression efforts. This service includes emergency fuel mitigation, zone sprinkler system setup, fuel break preparation, retardant application, and fire blocking gel application, when necessary.

Threat Notification

WDS teams monitors properties before, during and after incidents. Our engine teams revisit active burning wildfires to gain understanding on any changes, updating clients and policyholders as warranted, and to ensure timely situational awareness.

Coordination with Incident Command

As an established insurance response resource on wildfires, WDS coordinates with wildfire site incident command, following the same time-honored protocols and directives as municipal fire departments, state or federal wildfire agencies.

Policyholder Assistance

Service to policyholders can extend to on-the-ground site visits for pre-mitigation work, evacuation assistance, home inspections, and reporting while the policyholder is evacuated as well as assistance with re-entry following evacuation. WDS Operations Center continues to update clients and policyholders on property status as deemed necessary, providing vital peace of mind in a time of emergency.

Other Response Services

Media Inquiry Support

WDS is accustomed to media inquiries during wildfire events. Our team works in conjunction with our clients during events to provide concise messaging as necessary.

Government Affairs Support

WDS works with officials and our client’s government affairs offices to integrate the insurer response program with local, state, and federal wildfire agencies.


For more information on programs or services contact the WDS Corporate Office at 406.586.5400 X8137

For fire response related inquiries during a wildfire contact our operations center at 877.323.4730 X1

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