WIldfire Response

WDS is the leading provider in the nation for insurer wildfire response services for loss prevention during wildfire incidents using wildland engines and firefighting crews. WDS has been responding to dispatches from the U.S. Forest Service since 2001 and since 2008, has responded to more than 150 wildfire incidents across our 14 state operational area on behalf of insurance companies. Our response services include pre-suppression and post fire front operations to increase the survivability of insurer properties during a wildfire incident. All the WDS response resources (engines and crews) are federally inspected and qualified under national wildfire codes (NWCG 310-1), and are the same resources the USFS contracts with and dispatches to fight wildfire throughout the nation (thus ensuring the resources are qualified). Although WDS is most recognized for these insurer response engine services, our primary mission is insurer wildfire loss prevention using wildfire risk mitigation.

Key Engine Response Program Elements Include:

Insurance Wildfire Response

Pre-Suppression Services: This is not a first responder service; rather, work is performed in support of local, state and federal responders. Pre-suppression defensive measures may include emergency fuel mitigation, zone sprinkler system setup, fuel break preparation and fire blocking gel application.

Threat Notification: Recurrent monitoring of wildfire activity.

Coordination with Incident Command: The site incident command established by municipal fire departments, state or federal wildfire agencies. Radio communication capabilities include radio cloning to meet IC communications needs.

Policyholder Assistance: Service to policyholders can extend to on-the-ground site visits for pre-mitigation work, evacuation assistance, home inspections and reporting while policyholder is evacuated as well as assistance with re-entry following evacuation.

Government Affairs Support: WDS provides government affairs services to integrate the insurer response program with local, state, and federal wildfire agencies

Other Response Services:

(provided through the WDS Response Network Operations Center [RNOC])

  • Wildfire Monitoring and Notification: The WDS RNOC provides wildfire monitoring and daily real-time reporting on threatened properties and evacuations to designated insurer managers and executives. The WDSresponse platform is used for all reporting.
  • WDSresponse: This web-based platform provides reporting on potential wildfire loss or saved property verification, weather updates, fire agency response levels and other key on-site wildfire intelligence.
  • WDSalert: A wildfire alert service that sends notification of changing wildfire threat to users in affected areas.


  • For more information on programs or services contact WDS Corporate Office at 406.446.3646
  • For fire response related inquiries during a wildfire contact our network operations center at 877.323.4730 x. 1

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