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Chubb has partnered with WDS to provide its clients with valuable protection services before, during, and after a wildfire.

While Chubb Wildfire Defense Services does not replace the role of local emergency responders, the program provides an additional layer of protection against wildfire damage to client properties.

Chubb Wildfire Defense Services is offered at no additional charge to eligible Chubb Personal Risk Services homeowner policyholders in select states - but clients must enroll to take advantage of this important service. For more information go to

Chubb Key Elements

Before a wildfire occurs

Upon your request, Chubb Wildfire Defense Services will conduct a complimentary, onsite wildfire hazard assessment to recommend ways to improve the chances of your home surviving a wildfire. These may include reducing the fuel around your home that could feed a wildfire, and defensive measures you can take should a wildfire reach your home.

As a wildfire approaches

Chubb may take one or more of the following steps to help you prepare for a potential wildfire, including: deploying certified professional firefighters to your home; helping you prepare for evacuation; arranging for temporary living accommodations if evacuated.

During a wildfire event

Chubb Wildfire Defense Services takes preventative action to defend your home from wildfire, which may include: removing combustible materials from around your home; setting up a perimeter sprinkler system; spraying your home or surrounding property with a fire-preventing, heat-absorbing Class A fire-blocking gel; updating you about the status of your property and any actions taken to protect it.

After the threat has passed

Chubb may continue to help by: escorting you back to your home; cleaning up any equipment left on your property and removing fire-blocking gel from your home with a light washing.