Our Response operations center (RNOC) works as an integrated unit with our incident commanders, duty officers, field resources and program managers to ensure that our programs perform during emergency wildfire operations. Using proprietary methods, the RNOC team monitors and maps wildfires 365 days a year, and up to 14 hours a day during high wildfire season.

Our team consists of professional cartographers, programmers, analysts and GIS specialists, and combined with robust in-house technology capabilities the teams can gather, monitor, analyze, forecast and report on real-time events of any scale.

Dispatch Center

The WDS RNOC is operated as an emergency dispatch and command center for our wildfire response programs.

WDS has the capacity to manage a large quantity of insurance engines in the field during major incidents across our 14-state service area, and concise communication among the units provides the critical link for mobilizing our resources. Our dispatch center handles dispatches in the hundreds each year to WDS response missions.

Network Operations Contact

To contact the operations center call 877.323.4730 ext. 1