Comprehensive Wildfire Education for Homeowners and Insurers

WDSed is a wildfire evaluation and education service performed by WDS federally qualified firefighters and professional fire risk analysts. Results of the broad offering of services include a thorough analysis of wildfire risk conditions, wildfire risk mitigation, and education on wildfire science and wildfire risk management tools to support ongoing wildfire risk awareness.

WDSed products are available both within our programs and to individuals; providing wildfire education to homeowners, insurers, and other stakeholders interested in wildfire education, risk analysis, risk mitigation and/or receiving continuing education credits.

The WDSed Community Wildfire Risk Assessment: Know your risk before you open your book.

WDSed Community Wildfire Risk Assessment is a wildfire risk evaluation report that analyzes the wildfire risk of a city, community, subdivision or neighborhood. The wildfire risk analysis is performed by a team of WDS wildfire professionals. The initial data is acquired by a professional firefighter on the ground. The field data collected is compiled into a comprehensive report by wildfire experts allowing an insurer to understand the risk of an entire community. The analysis can include recommendations for mitigation actions that could be completed to reduce risk to the community.

Community assessments are also available with mitigation performed by WDS’s team of experienced wildland management professionals.

WDSed Continuing Education Workshop

This workshop includes accredited continuing education units and is intended to provide the audience with the necessary information to better understand the perils of wildfire, risk management strategies and an understanding of the application of WDS wildfire risk management tools. Covering three main topics, this one-day workshop features a presentation by a certified fire instructor and hands-on training with WDS risk tools.

WDSed Course Benefits

Basic Understanding of wildfire principles

Factors influencing structure loss

Structure defensibility

  • Before the fire
  • After the fire

Insurance wildfire risk management strategies

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