Know Your Wildfire Risk During An Active Wildfire

The WDSfire wildfire reporting dashboard provides a real-time visualization of insured property exposure during an active wildfire event. Regular updates from our incident response teams ensures our map data accurately reflects policy points relative to changing wildfire conditions, including dynamic fire behavior and threat perimeter adjustment. Reconnaissance by WDS firefighters provides validated property status reporting, facilitating the claims process, and providing certainty to policyholders in a time of crisis.

WDSfire Key Elements

On-Demand Wildfire Intelligence

The WDS Dashboard enables clients to access a wealth of critical information on wildfire events, both current and historical. The user-friendly Dashboard provides everything from insured-property status updates to potential insured-loss exposure.

Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

By combining the latest GIS technology with real-time data, WDS analysts are able to generate meaningful threat-perimeter models highlighting at-risk insured properties. This information enables our WDSresponse teams to prioritize mitigation and suppression efforts in the field, maximizing the potential for saves during an active wildfire event.

Verified Risk and Loss Data

Field reports from WDSresponse teams actively engaged during a wildfire event provide clients with verified property status reports. Additionally, the ability to access reports documenting mitigation and suppression actions undertaken by WDS Firefighters enables clients to reassure their policyholders in a time of great stress and uncertainty.

Performance Management

Service to policyholders can extend to on-the-ground site visits for pre-mitigation work, evacuation assistance, home inspections, and reporting while the policyholder is evacuated as well as assistance with re-entry following evacuation. WDS Operations Center continues to update clients and policyholders on property status as deemed necessary, providing vital peace of mind in a time of emergency.

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