Mobile application for wildfire hazard property assessment

The intuitive design of WDSpro allows users to easily complete a wildfire hazard assessment of a property on their mobile phone or tablet. Wildfire risk is substantiated by WDS Fire Risk Analysts, who use information from the assessments to produce reports that highlight specific risks and ways to mitigate them. By integrating the property-specific risk score produced by the assessment with quantifiable geographic risks, WDSpro enables us to create the most comprehensive risk assessment report available, allowing our clients to make truly informed policy-writing decisions and mitigation recommendations.

The WDSpro mobile application is a cost-effective tool to gather site data, educate homeowners of wildfire risk, and provide an effective wildfire assessment.

WDSpro was developed to provide a simple method of applying expert analysis of wildfire risk factors at the property level supporting either homeowners or insurers with policy decisions, pricing, and mitigation requirements. Exposure factors such as construction, immediate landscaping and other critical wildfire vulnerabilities that cannot be evaluated by using risk modeling alone are uncovered creating a comprehensive risk picture

WDSpro can produce an underwriting report, a homeowner report, or both.

Reports include a numerical risk score with recommendations for mitigation and can be customized in some cases. Educational content is available to explain why given factors increase a property’s wildfire risk and include photographs of problem conditions collected by the mobile app. WDSpro reports can be returned to the mobile app with PDF and print capability.

WDSpro Key Elements

Intuitive App Design

Our mobile app for wildfire hazard site assessment is designed to make data collection quick and easy. Simple data collection dialogues ensure that relevant conditions around the home are substantiated with photographs and brief notations.

Cost-Effective Tool

WDSpro was developed to provide an intuitive app for homeowners to use to collect the data required to produce a comprehensive hazard assessment report. This method eliminates the need for an on-site visit by a wildfire hazard specialist, significantly reducing cost.

Reveal site-specific risks

Unlike standard risk modeling evaluations, WDSpro can capture site-specific wildfire risk exposure factors such as construction materials, landscaping and other critical wildfire vulnerabilities. This data allows our analysts to produce a comprehensive risk report that allows insurers to make informed policy-writing decisions.

Generate custom reports

WDSpro can be used to generate both underwriting reports for insurers and educational reports for homeowners. Reports include a numerical risk score and recommendations for mitigation actions. Educational content is available to explain why given factors increase risk, and photographs of problem conditions are included for reference.

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