Mitigation and suppression services during an active wildfire event

WDS is the leading provider of insurer wildfire loss prevention services in North America. With almost two decades of experience serving insurance clients, and with the largest private wildfire fleet in the nation, WDS has the experience and capability to help insurance companies reduce the insured-loss risk posed by the increasing wildfire threat. Supported by predictive analytics provided by WDSfire, our experienced firefighters have saved our clients over $750 million in potential losses over the last 9 years.

WDSresponse Key Elements

Pre-Suppression Services

WDSresponse teams focus on reducing risk before an active wildfire reaches a property by implementing appropriate pre-suppression actions. These efforts include emergency fuel mitigation, temporary sprinkler system setup, fuel break preparation, retardant application, and the use of fire-blocking gel when necessary.

Threat Notification

WDSresponse teams monitor client properties before, during, and after active wildfire events. Our firefighters obtain access to active wildfires from Incident Command, attend daily briefings, and patrol client properties to gain a clear understanding of changing threat perimeters. This information is reported back to WDSfire to ensure clients and policyholders have access to current conditions.

Coordination with Incident Command

WDS’s certification as an insurance response resource enables our engine crews to coordinate with Incident Command of an active wildfire event. As a certified wildfire resource we follow the same protocols and directives as municipal fire departments and state and federal wildfire agencies.

Policy Managment

WDSresponse teams can provide additional services to client policyholders including pre- mitigation assessments, evacuation assistance, property status reports while the home is evacuated, and assistance with re-entry following the lifting of evacuation orders by Incident Command.

Other Response Services

Media Inquiry Support

WDS is accustomed to media inquiries during wildfire events. Our team works in conjunction with our clients during events to provide concise messaging as necessary.

Government Affairs Support

WDS works with officials and our client’s government affairs offices to integrate the insurer response program with local, state, and federal wildfire agencies.


For more information on programs or services contact the WDS United States Office at 406.586.5400

For fire response related inquiries during a wildfire contact our operations center at 877.323.4730 ext.1

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