Wildfire Defense Systems

Wildfire Defense Systems is the leader in insurer wildfire loss prevention by providing underwriting risk management and wildfire operations.

WDS systematically provides insurers with all available methods of wildfire loss prevention. Through our program offerings, WDS increases the survivability of homes and structures for insurance companies and their policyholders.

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Wildfire Defense Systems - Insurer Wildfire Risk Management


Wildfire Response

With insurance engine responses to more than 400 wildfires, WDS is the leading provider in the nation for insurer wildfire response services for loss prevention using qualified wildland engines and firefighting crews.


Loss Prevention

WDS asserts that the best method for mitigating risk to properties in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) is to establish underwriting requirements, inspect properties to identify wildfire risk level and educate policyholders on steps to reduce risk to their property prior to a wildfire event.


Operations Center

The WDS operations center works as an integrated unit with our Incident Commanders, Duty Officers, Field Resources and Program Managers to ensure that our programs perform during emergency wildfire operations.


Utility Wildfire Risk Mitigation

WDS Wildfire Risk Mitigation is a full service package designed to meet fire prevention requirements of private industry and primarily utility operations in areas with high wildfire potential.

Wildfire Defense Systems - Insurer Wildfire Risk Management